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  • "In allowing MORE always happens."

    – Alyson Jones

  • Our Associates are leaders in the field of psychology, committed to providing our clients with MORE out of their experience of counselling. Each Associate has experienced MORE in their own life and brings that understanding to their unique practice.

  • We provide a wide range of services that can lead you towards improved relationships, growth, personal exploration, and increased balance in your life.

  • Our Team is committed to providing exceptional services to our clients in an encouraging and progressive environment.

  • Alyson Jones & Associates is the 2018 winner for Best Medium Business of The Year

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Alyson regularly shares her insights and thoughts on a variety of matters. Check out her latest TV and radio appearance here.

More Associates


As one of the largest private counselling centers in the province we have brought together an outstanding team of Associates who are leaders in their field.

More Services


Alyson Jones & Associates offers a complete range of services and therapies that will give you the tools to help you with your own personal growth and development and to achieve a sense of balance in your life.

Honest Conversations


We believe it is time to start having honest conversations again and do so through our BLOG. Although an honest conversation can be difficult at times, true human ingenuity and problem solving emerge when the truth is examined.

Alyson Jones MORE Philosophy

Alyson JonesWhat is the MORE philosophy?  The MORE philosophy was created by Alyson Jones and is the foundation of her success. MORE is an acronym for Movement, Opportunity, Reality and Exception. Alyson knows it is possible to get MORE out of life, and that counselling is a great path to MORE.  Life has many challenges and brings many gifts, but in the end it is what we make of it that matters most.

People often look for MORE in the wrong direction.  If we try to fill our lives with more stuff and more distractions we are left feeling unfulfilled and disconnected.  The MORE philosophy is not about living life in pursuit of some elusive object of desire to fill up your life.  Quite the opposite!  The MORE philosophy is about getting a substantial experience out of life.  Getting MORE out of your unique and exceptional life is the core of the MORE philosophy.

Life has a flow to it and we learn to work with that flow through paying attention to the honest reality checks, through taking the opportunities that are presented and allowing movement to happen.  When we ignore these opportunities or deny the realities we become stuck, and we can waste a lot of time being stuck.  Life is an amazing gift, and this journey is filled with learning opportunities that can lead us towards a truly exceptional experience and an exceptional life.  When we are truly present in our lives we feel connected, attentive, responsive and excited at the possibilities.

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