4 Important Things to Consider Before the New Year Arrives

Posted on by Alyson Jones. Posted in Blog, Huffington Post.

New Year’s Eve is the last big indulgence of the year, and many people are busy preparing for the big night. The champagne is purchased and chilling. The new clothes we purchased at the Boxing Week sales are ready for donning. Thank goodness the turkey leftovers are just about finished.

We are just days away from the reality checks of the New Year. The bills will soon start arriving and there are no more presents to look forward to. It is true that we will not be able to put off the consequences of our overindulgence much longer. Yes, the holidays can cause a bit of wear and tear to our health and wealth, but they also mark our time as special and precious. Do not despair or fight the reality checks, as reality is needed in order to truly be present in your life.

Here are four important things to consider during this week between Christmas and New Year’s. There is no need to hide out in denial and avoidance, as we can lighten the load of the reality checks by re-framing them before they begin to hit home.

  1. Everyone needs their treats! It is human to indulge in things that feel good and taste delicious. We need to make room for some fun and celebration as well as allow ourselves some play time. There is no point in bemoaning all your “bad choices” over the last few weeks. What is done is done and, if it was fun, well then good for you! Don’t beat yourself up about the choices you made. Learn what you need to learn and move on, but do allow yourself your treats on occasion.
  2. Everyone needs a rest stop! The holidays are a great time to escape the structure for a while and do things differently. It is healthy and human to look for times to get out of the norm, and into the exceptional. The holidays can be the rest spots and entertainment venues along the road of life. If we allow the rest stops and refuel ourselves with some fun and experiences that nourish us, we are then ready to travel forth with renewed energy and appreciation of the journey.
  3. Everyone needs structure! Although it is important to escape structure from time to time it can also be a relief to get back to the structure as well. The kids’ music lessons, dance classes and soccer games will soon start again, our work schedule will become predictable again, we do not have any pressing parties to attend and we can begin to contemplate the tasks we have been putting off. Even if we are resisting a return to the structure, we can also understand that there is some freedom in routine. Structure means we can go with the flow again and this keeps us moving forward.
  4. Everyone needs goals! It is time to think about what your priorities are and where you are heading. If we have an idea where we are going, we will be able to craft a much better plan to get there. Do not bury yourself under the pressure of expectations but, rather, look at the important aspects of your life and allow the vision to begin to emerge. The reality checks are not nearly as foreboding as you might make them out to be. In fact, the reality checks can be a gentle reminder (mingled with some good memories) that it is time to look forward. The New Year is filled with opportunities and it is time to move out of the old and into the new.

    Enjoy your New Year’s Eve in the way that is most pleasing to you by grasping the moment that you are in. Once the New Year arrives it is time to utilize the reality checks in order to keep things vital and moving forward with pleasure and purpose.

    All the best in the New Year to you all!