Are you curious enough to read this?

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Well if you opened this, you may be well on your way to living an exceptional life.  Curiosity is a gift of the human mind, and it supplies endless entertainment for us.  When my children were young, on occasion they would come to me and say “Mommy I am bored.” I never rushed into entertaining them; rather I would say “That is awesome – now you can go and just relax in your room and be curious about life, and think new and exciting thoughts”.  Well, not only did that quickly halt any annoying requests to entertain, it also sent a strong message that they were responsible for their own level of engagement in life.  Their curiosity belonged to them and would always lead them out of a bored or restless state.  I believe this to be true for all of us.

Without a good dose of curiosity, there is no creativity and innovation.  Our mind is programmed to respond to new stimuli and, like a child in a playground; the mind relishes all the different opportunities to play with new thoughts and possibilities. My book “M.O.R.E.” is designed to as a guidebook to exceptional living and Step #13 “Stay Curious” is an important step in living a fulfilled life. When we become curious we gather new information, and then we begin to weave the information together.  This is when original thought emerges.  It is not just the information we have gathered, but also our own unique perspective on this information that creates something new and fresh.

I am proud to be a lifelong learner, and I encourage my clients and my children to commit to this path as well.  New information is not so threatening when you are curious, and educational curriculums are true opportunities for a curious mind.  It is my belief that the greatest opportunity lies in an open and curious mind that wants to dig into this world and feel the thrill of a curious quest for knowledge and experience.  Enjoy the ride, and get ready to play!