Easter and Renewal in the time of COVID-19

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Easter will be both the same and different

Easter has traditionally been associated with fun, egg hunts, and family gatherings. Some things will be different this year, and some will stay the same. There will still be joy, egg hunts and chocolate!   Families will still share food and gather at the table – but it will be on a smaller scale and the table will only include those who are living in the house.  With so many people baking and cooking their way though self-isolation there is sure to be some fabulous meals ahead for us this Easter – but this year we will not need the extra leaf at the table.  We will still gather, but many of our interactions will be through phone calls and digital platforms.

There will be losses

As this new reality hits, we will feel the loss of physical closeness with many of our loved ones.  Many of us are already longing for the good ol’ days of just a few week ago when we could hold our friends and family close.  Now that we look back, we realize that we probably took our physical proximity with others for granted.  It feels good to give and receive a hug – but the gift that has come with these times is that we are more conscious and value our connections more deeply than ever.  There is some truth in the old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but hopefully with this new awareness we will not take proximity for granted in the same way again.   

There will be rebirth

With the viral spread of the coronavirus time has often felt that it is standing still.  Now we can reflect on what Easter truly symbolizes for us – maybe it is about more than chocolate!  Spring is in the air and we see rebirth all around us in nature.  The flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is shining, the trees are growing.   What is reflected in nature, is also reflected in humanity – and this can be a time of renewal for us as well.  There were pre-existing challenges in this world and now we have a chance to let go of past mistakes and grow as a human race.  Humans are incredibly resilient, and this is a good time to remember and celebrate how humans can overcome challenges and adversity – and even learn to do things better.  If we keep looking to nature, we will remember that we too are part of the cycle of life and change and growth is natural for us as well.

Tips for Easter renewal

  1. Prioritize your personal goals. Take this time to think about what is truly important to you. Write down your top three priorities in life and then ask yourself if your life has been supporting these priorities are not. Then ask yourself what you want to do differently in the future so you can continue to align your goals with how you are spending your time.
  2. Be honest and be in the moment. An active mind is part of being human, but it often gets filled with chatter and anxiety. During these uncertain times fear and overwhelm can overtake our minds. Don’t lie to yourself about what you are feeling – be real. Acknowledge the feeling and then let it go by focusing on conscious breathing and your five senses (smell, sound, taste, sight and touch).  This will help you get back in the moment when you mind gets stuck in COVID-19 anxiety. A few minutes of mindfulness offers great advantages to your well-being and health.
  3. Practice gratitude. Everyday think of three things that you are grateful for. They can be big or small things. We can be grateful for our family, a sunny day or a Netflix show we enjoyed watching. Just keep focusing on gratitude and this will lead you in the right direction. Gratitude is the road forward through difficult times.

One piece of advice  

Remember that this will not last forever.  Time will keep moving and things will change.  We will look back on the time of COVID-19 and we will all be able to recognize and applaud the resilience within ourselves, humanity and the planet.