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Posted on by Alyson Jones. Posted in Honest Conversations.

What is an honest conversation? Why is this blog called “Honest Conversations? It is my belief that it is time for us all to start having honest conversations again and I will be doing that through our blog posts. Although there is a lot of talk in the information age, we seldom find that any of it has any real substance. Somewhere along the way we have lost sight of the art of true conversation. We are so busy protecting ourselves, and not wanting to upset anyone, that we say a lot of things that just don’t mean anything. It might be a polite conversation, but we can barely remember it 5 minutes later. An honest conversation always has a risk in it, but it also has substance. This is the real ‘7 grain whole wheat’ conversation, not the white bread highly processed conversation. It is my belief that honest conversations are actually good for us, that they have substance and nutrition and they take a lot more effort to digest.

My experience is that one of the great challenges in life is being honest. Although honesty with others is at times a tricky business, it seems to me that honesty with one’s self is the even greater challenge. If we really want MORE in our lives we are going to need to take risks, rather than just protect our vulnerabilities and sensitivities. None of us want to feel pain and discomfort, but if we can accept that this is part of the deal then we can begin to be honest with ourselves. We have built too much of our lives on misperceptions and the politically correct conversations we have with others. Rather than water things down to make everyone comfortable we may actually need a wakeup call. Again, I am not pushing for pureness and perfection in these conversations. I am pushing for honesty, authenticity and straight talk. If we want to have authentic relationships with those around us, we must first have an authentic relationship with ourselves. Come join me as we head down this road and have a real conversation together.