4 Simple Steps to MORE Money!

Posted on by Alyson Jones. Posted in MORE Book.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way immediately:  Money is not bad, nor is it at the root of all evil.  Money is simply a medium that is exchanged for goods and services and measures the current market value of those goods and services.  It is fear and greed that is at the root of all evil: the MORE philosophy is directed at moving you away from fear and into experiencing your life in a substantial and satisfying manner.

So, how do you get MORE out of your money?  Remember, this is not just about more money but rather getting a substantial and satisfying experience out of your money.

  1. MOVEMENT: The first step towards MORE money is recognizing that money works best when there is MOVEMENT.  Money actually moves goods, services, and ideas.  Fear and greed shuts this all down but, when we allow money to move, we allow ideas to move.  The movement of ideas is at the core of all creativity and, when we create, we contribute to the world around us.  It is only when we are being selfish, when we hold on so tight, that we shut down our avenues of creativity and contribution.
  2. OPPORTUNITY: The second step is to look for the OPPORTUNITY to dig in deeper.  There will be bumps along the way and money will come and go, just like all of the opportunities that are presented to us in life.  We can choose which opportunities we pursue.  We may succeed or fail but what you learn from either experience is what is important.  We will make mistakes with our money and we will encounter unexpected successes. No opportunity is wasted if we learn something from it.  When we ‘score’ it just feels fabulous.
  3. REALITY Check: The third step is to be honest with yourself and do a big REALITY check. Ask yourself the following;
  • What does the way you are dealing with money reflect about how you are approaching your life?
  • Are you a hoarder who cannot let go and is afraid of life and the risks associated with it?
  • Are you a gambler that is addicted to the rush of risk and lives only on a superficial level?
  • Are you a careless spender who approaches money as if it is ‘easy come and easy go’, never really digging in and paying attention to the possibilities in your life?
  • Are you an influencer who invests in the bigger picture and gets excited at the flow (give and take) of ideas?
  • Are you an appreciator who is grateful for the beauty around you, the lessons available, and the ideas that impact your life and others?
  1. EXCEPTIONAL: The fourth and final step is to accept the EXCEPTIONAL life that is here for you right now.  Don’t waste your time obsessing about money or fearing the loss of something that is intangible.  Accept that life will have risks and rewards and there will be gains and losses.  Follow your own path and allow your psychological insights to guide you in planning how to manage your money. Then, listen to which opportunities align with your purpose and passion.  Remember that it makes no sense to deny yourself beauty and joy.  Appreciate the rewards and experiences that the movement of money can bring to you.