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We’re happy to announce that the release of Alyson’s first book, M.O.R.E.: A New Philosophy for Exceptional Living, has been a tremendous success! In fact, M.O.R.E. has won the NIEA Indie Excellence Award in the category of “Well-Being” and has been named an Award-Winning Finalist in both the “Health: Psychology/Mental Health” and “Best New Non-Fiction” categories of the 2014 International Book Awards. More importantly, the feedback that we’ve received from all of our readers has been outstanding. To celebrate and get the word out to more people, we’re offering the first three chapters of M.O.R.E. for free!

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Chapter One – The Philosophy of Exceptional Living; Preparing For Challenges; Digging into MORE.

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Read below for an excerpt from chapter one:

Imagine a young girl around eight years old walking along a country road, kicking the gravel and thinking about life and all the wonderful adventures that await her. She is enjoying the moment with the hot summer sun beating down on her, but also understanding that there is more out there. Then imagine this same girl five years later navigating the complex halls of high school, weaving her way through a time of change. Fear, excitement, and insecurity are all wrapped up in this very intense period of her life. This teen then becomes a young woman facing her fears and heading off to university to test her knowledge and open her world. Upon graduation, she leaves the familiar comforts behind, heads off to the big city where love, marriage, children, and professional growth follow through the years.

The driving force for this woman is to dig in and get more deeply into her life. She stumbles often along the way, but starts to see a pattern. There are certain principles that emerge from this pattern that bring her clarity and vision. Viewing this life one would see that it is not necessarily glamorous but the truth of the story is that it is an exceptional life. This capacity for exceptional living is within anyone who truly wants it.

Chapter Two – Recognizing the Characteristics and Substance of an Exceptional Life; Allowing MORE.


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Read below for an excerpt from chapter two:

It seems as though we are a culture searching for more in this life. We might not have the concrete struggles that previous generations experienced, but we certainly do have our own struggles; in essence, they are of a different kind. When I look around I see so many people trying to fill their lives with more stuff, more people, more rewards, and more indulgences. But there is something to this culture that seems unable to fill itself up. We remain hungry. We have become a society of consumers, spenders, and collectors of material things, measuring ourselves on this accumulation, but realizing that there is something that we are still looking for and craving. We want to feel full, but so many of us cannot recognize that full feeling when we have it, so we are trying to fill up on the wrong things.

Chapter Three – Creating an Exceptional Life; Shifting From Idealistic to Realistic; Rising to the Call for Action.

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Read below for an excerpt from chapter three:

How do we live an exceptional life, and what are the actual steps to get there? Where and how do we begin to make practical movement and start to experience the wonder of this life? Since “Movement” is the first principle of the MORE philosophy, it follows that this book will outline a step-by-step action plan that creates an exceptional life. Since it is designed not only as an introduction to the MORE philosophy but also as a practical guidebook, I view the steps I present throughout the book as points of interest along a nature walk. Along any well-built nature trail, there are points of interest that can be used and viewed at any time, and a series of arrows that remind us to keep going in the right direction so that we do not get too distracted, or even worse, lost. It is helpful to have these practical pointers that keep us moving and help us orient ourselves as we go.