How Our Children Grow Us Up

Posted by Laura Montgomery.

Often, as parents, we are interested in learning about how to raise our children to be the best they can be. Not as commonly do we ask “How is my child raising me?” After all, as adults, we are still growing up too!

Let’s face it: our children have a way of bringing out emotions in us that we may not have known we had before becoming parents! We may find ourselves having a temper tantrum or digging in our heels with a big “No!”, or trying to retreat away from handling the situation. It is in these moments that we are being offered a mirror. And if we have the courage to look, with compassion towards ourselves, we are being given the unique opportunity to grow-up and benefit our children in the process.

Honest Conversations about Money and Relationships

Posted by Alyson Jones.

Authors: Alyson Jones MA, RCC & Ida Harvey, MACP, CA, RCC

Money is often a “hot topic” in a relationship.  Clinical Director Alyson Jones and her Associate Ida Harvey, who is both a CA (Chartered Accountant) and a Relationship Therapist answer some tough questions about money and relationships.  At Alyson Jones & Associates we believe in honest conversations and the sharing of practical information. 

Understanding the Family Forward Program

Posted by Robert Croezen.

In June 2014, I became an Associate with Alyson Jones & Associates. At that time, I joined the Family Forward Program. This is a community-based counselling program that provides therapy to separated families who have experienced a parent child attachment disruption that may have been caused by parental alienation, estrangement or a combination of both. While I came into this therapeutic work with over 30 years clinical experience, the Family Forward Program felt like it was truly a “trial by fire” experience. Participating in the delivery of therapy to high conflict families where there is alienation, estrangement or attachment disruption has been the most challenging work I have undertaken.

When Children Feel Forced to Choose

Posted by Robert Croezen.
When Children Feel Forced to Choose

Alyson Jones & Associates works extensively with High Conflict Separation/Divorce cases. We observe many cases where children are feeling forced/pressured to choose between one or the other parent. In many cases, children have been allowed to discontinue their parenting time with one of the parents. When this happens, children are placed in a developmentally dangerous situation. Most of these children carry deep guilt about making this decision even when supported by the “Favoured Parent”. The longer this continues the higher the risk of long term emotional harm.

10 Quick Tips for Dealing with Awkward Family Moments During the Holidays

Posted by Alyson Jones.

The holidays are filled with family gatherings to share the joy of the season. But along with these festive moments we may find ourselves in the middle of some stressful and awkward family moments.

Under the pressure of the season, and the heightened emotions that often come at this time of the year, an idyllic family gathering may become an awkward hot mess of emotion.

So, what do we do about these awkward family dynamics?