How To Become A Better Coworker

Posted by Alyson Jones.

Just this morning the alarm jolted me out of my pleasant dream. As I groped around in the dark trying to find the button, I was already negotiating with myself to see if it would be possible to hide out in bed for another 10 minutes. I knew this was a dangerous negotiation which could result in me falling back to sleep and being late for work. I decided to ignore the desire to keep my eyes closed and hauled myself out of bed. It struck me that our early morning alarm is in many ways the ultimate reality check.

Most of us have our morning routines that help us transition from the comfort of our beds to the reality of the workplace. I poured my coffee, did my stretches and followed my morning routine until I was not only ready for work, but I was determined to make it a good day at the office. I walked into the office and said a cheery good morning to my co-workers, and another work day had now truly commenced.

This Is How You Become A Better Friend

Posted by Alyson Jones.

Just the other day I had a dinner date booked with a friend whom I had not seen for some time. My work day had been a full one, and to be frank I was feeling rather distracted and overwhelmed as I rushed to meet my friend for dinner.

One part of me was thinking I should have stayed at work and finished the project I was working on, while the other part of me was yearning to return to my house and get into my pajamas after a long day. I was 15 minutes late and arrived slightly flustered, but once I saw my friend’s warm smiling face greeting me and her hand waving to me over the table, my mood shifted.

8 Ways To Lead A Grateful And Healthy LIfe

Posted by Alyson Jones.

Once autumn arrives we feel the shift of the season and begin to plan our Thanksgiving dinners. The gourds and pumpkins are on display at the grocery store, and thoughts of family dinners with pie for dessert begin to fill our minds — soon to fill our stomachs as well.

Winter is coming. Traditionally this has been the time of year where people gather with their loved ones and celebrate the bounty of the harvest. This is a season for thanks and gratitude — but how do we achieve gratitude and weave this into our lives all year long and not just for one turkey-filled weekend?

Want Good Mental Health? Then Get Ready To Move The Mind

Posted by Alyson Jones.

If you want a healthy life you are going to have to keep moving. Movement is just as important for the mind as it is for the body. As a Child and Family Therapist I attempt to assist people when they get stuck, and frankly sometimes they need a bit of a kick in the backside to get them going.

Recently a successful professional couple came to my office as they were concerned about their son. They could not get him to do anything, and they were worried he might be depressed. They could not get him to clean his room, or go to school or put his dishes in the dishwasher. Initially I thought they were describing their teenage son, but it turned out that their son (let’s call him Jason) was 24 not 15. Jason was 24 and still loving in his parent’s basement without a job or enrollment in school. Before we dig deeper into the situation with Jason let’s look at the first principle of the MORE philosophy which is “Movement.”

You Cannot Have The Big Love Without The Big Risk

Posted by Alyson Jones.

We want to love, and be loved. This is something we desire in all of our important relationships — the problem is we don’t want to be hurt. To think that love is a shield that will protect you from pain is a set up for failure and disappointment. In fact it is quite the opposite as love always brings the risk of pain alongside with the joy of connection. When you truly connect and are present with another human being you create a powerful emotional vulnerability in yourself and others, and this opens us up to the biggest of emotions.

We protect ourselves from vulnerability by detaching when we could be connecting. Sometimes we focus on the wrong thing like a petty problem at work, or the driver who cut us off on the way home, when our loved one is right there in front of us. Then there are the moments when you are having a real connection with somebody and you suddenly draw back. You do not know why you are drawing back, but all of a sudden it feels like it is too much. You might even remember feeling this with the people you love the most. The moment of connection can be overwhelming so we disconnect and quickly look away and change the topic. Why do we do this? Because we fear vulnerability.