Master Your Mental Health

Welcome to Master Your Mental Health! Dr. Jackie and Alyson Jones have teamed up to bring a medical, psychological and very human view to mental health, wellness, and parenting issues. We believe that Mental Health IS Heath and it is our goal to start honest conversations in the community about relevant and related issues. Viewers are invited to contribute and be a part of the channel.

Master Your Mental Health Introduction

The Value of Pets

Habits to Make / Break

Emotional Fitness

Stop the Stigma!

Bullying (Trigger Alert)

Improve Sleep with these Tips

Stresstember!! Surviving Back to School

Easing Separation Anxiety

Food Fights!

Negotiating Family Thanksgiving

Practicing Gratitude

Making Peace with Your Past

The Importance of "Me" Time

Temper Tantrums!

Talking to Kids About Santa