MORE A Book From Alyson Jones

A Book by Alyson Jones

MORE bookWhat is keeping you from turning it up a notch and embracing your incredible life? You may have achieved much, but still feel dissatisfied and disconnected. You may be unsure or curious about the next steps in your personal journey. With clarity, honesty and humour, author Alyson Jones lends her expertise to provide a common sense wakeup call that will help you find MORE in your life. The MORE Philosophy is a life strategy that is accessible, doable and, above all else, practical. Using the steps of the MORE philosophy, this book will lead you on a path that digs deeper into your life. Start moving, recognize opportunities, face reality – dare to be different and to live an exceptional life!

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“Alyson Jones is a highly respected therapist, educator and author who has practiced for over 20 years and worked with all age groups. This knowledge has given her a unique perspective as an author. Unlike any other self-help book, she cuts through to the truth and holds up a mirror for the reader to reflect on their own life.”

Joyce Taylor-Bauer
President of Taylor Made Media


“Frank, direct and clear in her message, Alyson articulates a common sense, realistic approach to living an exceptional life. Her message demonstrates that an exceptional life is not the luxury of a few, but is accessible to all.”

Tracy Themes
Financial Advisor, Sophia Financial Group, Raymond James Ltd
Author, The Financially Empowered Woman


“M.O.R.E. is a journey to savour and enjoy. Alyson’s philosophy on how to be present in your life and take it to an exceptional level is shared with personal stories that make M.O.R.E. a book for all ages. Through years of practice at Alyson Jones & Associates, she has enhanced many lives, but this our first opportunity as readers to learn how to participate in our relationships in a truly authentic way. Go Big AND Go Home!”

Jo-Anne Thomas


“As the era of wanting more is exploding around us, Alyson creates an essential distinction as she reframes the MORE we have been searching for. Movement, Opportunity, Reality and Exceptional Life provide a simple philosophy that can be applied by anyone, any time. In addition, her 16 steps to an exceptional life provide a roadmap for “turning the volume up to 11″, however you choose to live. In her practical and useful book, in addition to the simple M.O.R.E. philosophy, Alyson provides rich and relatable stories (I found myself in her modern-day archetypal examples several times), and questions for self reflection that will help you get more for your exceptional life.”

Tana Heminsley
CEO and Founder, Authentic Leadership Global, Inc.
Author, Awaken Your Authentic Leadership