Speaking Events

November 27th, 2018

NOV 2018 Divorce Salon

Connect Family Law is continuing its ongoing series of “Divorce Salons”, a resource for individuals dealing with separation or divorce. Combining the best of a speaker series and a meet-up group, these Salons offer participants both a learning opportunity and the chance to connect with others who are going through similar experiences.

Alyson Jones has been invited to the November 27th Salon where she will share the knowledge and experience she has gained after decades of working with families and children of divorced parents. Alyson will be joined by her colleague, Child and Family Therapist, Ida Harvey. Together, they will provide an overview of the Parent-Child Relationship Continuum and discuss reasons why a child might be resistant to contact with a parent (from alignment, to enmeshment to estrangement to alienation).

Salon attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions, and to contribute as much (or as little) as they feel comfortable. For more information, visit the Connect Family Law website.


November 19th, 2018

Nov 2018 Conflict Resolution Conference

On Nov 19th, 2018, Alyson Jones will be presenting with Family Lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator John-Paul Boyd at the Conflict Resolution Conference (Continuing Legal Education of BC) on the topic:

Children in Conflict Resolution Processes (reaction to separation, children’s voices in justice processes)

Link to event: http://store.cle.bc.ca/productdetails.aspx?cid=1592%2F

November 14th - 15th, 2018

Nov 2018 Understanding Parent Child Relationships Vancouver

On November 14 – 15th, 2018, Alyson will be presenting with esteemed lawyer, mediator and arbitrator John-Paul E. Boyd. at the upcoming National Judicial Institute training for Supreme Court of British Columbia, in Vancouver, BC to present on:

Understanding Parent Child Relationships – Responding to Parent Child Attachment Disruptions

Alyson and John-Paul are both interested in exploring progressive solutions to complex family law matters. They regularly present together bringing their combined legal and mental health knowledge to legal education.

November 8th - 10th, 2018

Nov 2018 AFCC 13th Symposium on Child Custody in Denver

In November 2018, Alyson Jones and esteemed family lawyer Karen Redmond will be attending the AFCC Symposium on Child Custody (Association for Family and Conciliation Courts) in Denver, Colorado, USA, to present on: Reducing the Impact of Conflict – Effective Parenting Plans & Case Management

Alyson Jones and Karen Redmond are leaders in finding progressive solutions to family transitions.

To learn more about AFCC 13th Symposium on Child Custody and to register, please see afccnet.org

Oct 25th - 28th, 2018

Oct 2018 IACP Forum

Catch Alyson Jones, Salley-Ann Ross, Samar Shata and Ida Harvey In October 2018 at this year’s IACP Forum (International Association of Collaborative Professionals) in Seattle, Washington, USA, presenting: The Cost of Conflict – Protecting Children from Divorce Fall Out

To find out more about this event or to register, learn more here.

Alyson Jones & Associates are committed to finding ways to protect children from parental conflict, and are committed to assisting parents in finding child sensitive solutions to family transitions. Collaborative Law is a progressive and respectful solution to these family issues.

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