May 30 - June 1, 2014

Every WOMAN Conference Whistler

Alyson will be leading TWO workshops at this year’s conference:

Stress & Perception

Most people believe that stress is caused by external circumstances; however, the physical and psychological impact of stress is a complex combination of interacting external and internal factors, such as our perception. Thus, two people may experience the exact same “stressful” event and have very different psychological and physiological responses. During this workshop, you will learn the role of perception on stress and will learn some skills on how to begin adopting new cognitive scripts that will help greatly with stress management in your everyday life.

M.O.R.E A New Philosophy for Exceptional Living

What is keeping you from turning it up a notch and embracing your incredible life? Alyson Jones, author of the newly released book titled M.O.R.E. A New Philosophy for Exceptional Living, will offer the true goods on how to achieve an exceptional life. Through knowledge gained with over 20 years as a renowned clinical counsellor, educator and speaker, Alyson will lend her expertise to provide a common sense wakeup call that will help you find MORE in your life.