Alcohol & Addictions

Understanding the nature of the addictive cycle and the underlying causes of discontent are a crucial part of the counselling process we undertake to help our clients with addictions. Substances such as drugs or alcohol, and self-defeating behaviours such as excessive gambling, inappropriate sexual acting out, or excessive work can be both the cause and the symptom of psychological problems.

This eventually leads to people becoming separated from their own natures when they use substances or behaviours to avoid feelings. The substance or activity that initially was a way to distract ends up creating a variety of problems for the individual and the whole family suffers. To deal with this, our counsellors are sensitive to the backgrounds and the individual needs of our clients and their families. By helping each individual and their family heal from the hurts of addiction cycles, both past and present, we can create a future that is promising, fulfilling and joyful.

Alcohol & Addiction Therapists