Child & Adolescent Therapy

We believe in assisting children and youth in developing a tool kit for life. Life can be overwhelming for young people and there may be challenges that present themselves early in life. The MORE philosophy does not approach these challenges as problems, but rather as opportunities to further develop the skills for exceptional living. Therapy with children and adolescents from ages 2-18 is a core part of our work. We have experts in a variety of child and youth issues such as anxiety, school phobias, attention deficit disorders, bullying, learning disabilities, depression, separation and divorce, grief, loss and trauma.

By understanding that children often communicate through play, we use art, play and sand tray therapy as well as cognitive behavioural therapy to help our younger clients. By using these therapies, children are able to freely work through negative experiences and learn healthy reactions and ways of coping with stress.

As adolescence is a unique and special time in one’s life, we have therapists who are able to understand and communicate effectively with this age group and their concerns. We understand that forming a relationship and rapport with an adolescent client is essential. Cognitive behavioural therapy is one therapy that we can use to decrease anxiety and anger issues as well as assisting youth in coping with depression, chronic illness and loss.

We also believe that an important part of child and adolescent therapy is supporting parents in their role, and offer parenting support, advice and ideas to help your child.

Adolescent & Child Therapists