Lifespan Integration Therapy

Lifespan Integration is an innovative technique that is both time and cost effective as it can promote rapid healing and significant behavioural change in clients. This technique is highly effective with people who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and anxious or have experienced trauma. It is a gentle method which works on neural levels to change deep-rooted negative thought patterns and unhealthy coping behaviours.

The resolution of issues, both recent and in the past can occur in a relatively brief amount of time. Even complex issues such as depression, anxiety and unhealthy relationship patterns can also be resolved in much shorter periods of time than is typical of conventional therapies.

The therapy is quite straight-forward. It assists people in connecting current unpleasant feelings with past memories. Making these connections on a deep neural level helps one resolve current issues. One of the most outstanding benefits is that Lifespan Integration can make people stronger; building up their emotional core and strength and allows them to better regulate their feelings and reactions of life’s ups and downs.

Lifespan Integration Therapists