Parenting Coordination

A Parent Coordinator (PC) implements a child focused dispute resolution process for separated families. In many separations, parents often find themselves in a constant state of conflict, unable to make effective and timely decisions about raising their children. Using a Parent Coordinator gives parents quick access to a neutral third party decision maker who can help them resolve day-to-day parenting issues.

Parent Coordination is one of the alternative dispute resolution processes identified in the FLA (Family Law Act). A Parent Coordinator has an extensive background in working with families either through family law or family therapy, and has a high level of knowledge in both of these areas. All Parenting Coordinators on the British Columbia Parenting Coordinator Roster (BCPCRS) have undergone extensive training and met standardized levels of practice. Our Parenting Coordinators are trained in family law, child development, family therapy, mediation and arbitration.

A Parenting Coordinator provides information and education for parents in regards to parenting during a complex divorce. They assist parents in mediating parenting issues, and developing more effective communication protocols. If the parents are not able to reach an agreement through mediation then the Parenting Coordinator can arbitrate a decision and provide a determination that is a binding decision.

Parenting coordination is most useful for parents who already have a parenting plan or other permanent arrangements for custody, guardianship and access, usually recorded in a court order or in a written agreement. Parenting coordination isn’t designed to determine custody and access issues or to usurp the role of the courts, but rather to assist in the implementation of existing orders and arrangements once they’re in place.

Parenting coordination offers parents involved in high-conflict disputes the consistent, neutral direction of a qualified professional using a less adversarial, less expensive dispute resolution process than the Court process. Parents in conflict can retain a Parenting Coordinator on their own initiative or be referred to a parenting coordinator by the court.

Parenting Coordinators