Angela Adler, BSc., BA, MCP (Candidate)

Angela loves working with people of all ages and stages in life. Angela believes that connection
and healthy, non-judgemental relationships are one of the cornerstones of a happy, nourishing
and fulfilling life.

With a background in science and psychology, Angela understands the importance of
approaching people in a holistic manner. Her experience as a Nutrition and Wellness
professional also uniquely qualifies her to assist her clients with developing a plan for their own
overall health and wellness. Angela is passionate about helping people deepen their self-
knowledge and gain personal insight and perspectives, enabling them to make meaningful
changes in their lives.

As a caring and empathic person, Angela has always been passionate about helping others.
Utilizing her compassionate and approachable demeanour, she enjoys assisting children, youth,
individuals, couples, and families by forming meaningful, genuine, and encouraging therapeutic
relationships that promote client well-being, good health, and empowerment.
Angela is first and foremost a collaborator and feels that the relationship between client and
therapist is of the utmost importance. She also believes that working together in a trusting
environment can help promote and facilitate positive change for the client. Angela is a person-
centred therapist with personal and professional experience working through divorce, parenting
issues, children and adolescence, trauma, anger and grief, other mental health issues and family

Angela has been through many profound and life-altering experiences and is therefore well-
positioned to empathize with and relate to her clients. Angela is the proud mother of three
teenage/young-adult children and two young-adult stepsons. She believes in optimism, positive
role-modelling, and the demonstration of resiliency through life’s inevitable moments of
hardship and change, growth and adversity. Angela’s positive outlook has been vital in helping
her to overcome the inevitable challenges and obstacles that life presents.

Angela is a compassionate and understanding person with a great demeanour and is a positive
role model to those who know her. In her free time, Angela enjoys travelling, exercising,
especially hiking with her friends and spending time with her family and her two dogs.