Ida Harvey, CPA, CA, MCP, RCC

Individual, Child and Family Therapist
Ida Harvey

Having lived on three different continents, Ida Harvey understands the significance of cultural background, family upbringing, and life experience in shaping our views and perspectives. Ida speaks three languages and is able to provide service in Farsi, French and English.

In her practice she seeks to compassionately understand how we are shaped by our perspectives and background, and in turn how to empower individuals, children and families to alter views and practices in order to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

As a mother and therapist, she cherishes the importance of parenting, while also recognizing the challenges that parenthood presents, especially when facing health, marital, career, or financial problems.

Ida is on the Divorce and Separation Team, and well as the specialized Family Forward Team, and assists families in working through transitions and change. She is committed to helping parents keep the well-being of their children at the forefront of a divorce and separation, and assisting children in building the resiliency that allows them to thrive.

Ida believes in meeting the clients where they are at and works with families collaboratively as well as those that are struggling with moderate to high conflict situations.

Her background as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) has taught her to establish an overview which allows her to systematically problem solve with her clients. Her multi disciplinarian professional background is of great assistance to her clients as she is able to bring a variety of practical experience and knowledge to her therapeutic work. These layers of her practice are of additional value to clients facing financial entanglements in cases needing mediation, collaborative divorce and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

Ida works with people of all ages to maximize their health and wellness. She has practical skills to assist with anxiety, depression and adjusting to life changes. With kindness and optimism Ida supports her clients in detangling, simplifying, and prioritizing the challenges that are faced so that change can be managed more effectively, and life can be enjoyed more fully.