Jane Richards, BA, B.Ed., MA , RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Jane Richards

Jane believes strongly in the crucial importance of individuals developing self-awareness, self-acceptance, and their own unique voice within the context of personal value and human relationships. She trusts that learning to connect with others, in healthy and positive ways, can open opportunities for productive and rewarding communication. Jane assists her clients in the development of new perspectives and a growth mindset. With natural warmth, empathy, compassion, and authenticity, Jane can help others to strengthen their resilience, and to face and overcome the obstacles that life inevitably presents.

Jane brings a myriad of life experience to her counselling work. Personally, she is a proud mother of 3 adult children, and has successfully navigated marriage, parenthood and a rewarding career. Professionally, she has worked in education, since 1992, as a Teacher, a Program Developer, and as a School Administrator. She has extensive experience supporting, motivating, and problem-solving with children and youth. She is also well versed in working with young athletes, professionals, and artists. She works with parents and families from diverse backgrounds, as they navigate both the expected and the unexpected. She assists families during times of challenge and transition believing that families can thrive in many configurations. As well, Jane has been challenged to assist individuals work through addiction, eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, and learning disabilities, within her professional and her family experience. These experiences have strengthened her faith in the value of connection, forgiveness, perseverance, and hope.

Jane specializes in working with children who are struggling to cope socially, emotionally, and behaviourally, particularly within the school setting or transitioning family. Jane assists youth in developing effective tools that can help them self-regulate, form positive friendships, and confidently handle the pressures of peers, family and social expectations. During times of crisis Jane is adept at offering guidance and support that allows her clients to become more emotionally and mentally prepared for what defines their ‘new normal.’

Jane’s sincerity and open-mindedness allow for expansive space, within the counselling relationship, for her clients; space that is non-judgemental and safe. She welcomes clients of all ages and communities, and her professional support is individualized, strengths-based, and comprehensive.