Leila Milani, M.Ed, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Leila Milani

Leila believes that although people are inherently resilient, we can benefit from support and guidance as we journey through our lives. In her counselling practice Leila provides both practical guidance and compassionate support to her clients. She works with youth, adults, couples & families and provides counselling in both English and Farsi.

Leila works with depression, anxiety, parenting challenges, relationship issues, self-esteem, boundary setting, stress management, major life transitions, past traumas, multicultural issues, as well as re-settlement and integration issues for immigrants & refugees. She has experienced vast changes on her own journey in life and brings a comprehensive world view to her counselling practice. She is passionate about assisting her clients in navigating their lives as their own life journey unfolds.

Leila believes human beings are equipped with all the necessary inner resources for their growth and self-actualization. That being said, this inherent potential is at times blocked as a result of one’s difficult circumstances, upbringing, culture and other factors. Leila believes therapy is a collaborative journey where client and counsellor work closely together to increase awareness of those stuck places and to strengthen one’s “emotional muscles”. This can be done through identifying clients’ values and goals and committing to a path that leads to those valued goals.

Leila uses a variety of methods to assist clients in reaching their goals. Leila uses practical counselling tools and self-compassion enhancing techniques to help relieve the individual from internalized oppressive forces inside that impede one’s growth and enhance healing. She specializes in Cognitive Behavioural & Mindfulness-based Therapies, as well as Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in her practice.