Melissa Ander, MA, RCC

Individual, Child and Family Therapist
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Melissa believes in getting to the heart of the matter. With honesty, humour and over fifteen years of experience working with children, teens and families, Melissa will help identify solutions to problem behaviours and the deeper hurt that drives them. It is this attention to the duality of human experience that contributes to successful therapeutic outcomes that are efficient, that sustain, and that promote ongoing resiliency and family and community connections.

Melissa has extensive experience working with challenging and complex divorce situations as well as eating disorders, anxiety issues, depression and self-harming behaviours. She also specializes in enhancing parent and child/teen communication and securing the parent child attachment.

It is with skilled therapeutic guidance that Melissa facilitates transformation and assists parents and children in managing and overcoming what feel like overwhelming obstacles. At the heart of Melissa’s therapeutic work is providing practical skills and encouraging the boldness, commitment, courage, wisdom and strength that reside within families and teens.

Melissa has an enduring commitment to children, teens and families and is willing to work hard to assist families in creating lasting change. Melissa is confident that she can assist your child, your teen and your family in defining meaningful treatments and finding effective solutions.