Paul Sungaila, PhD RPsych


Dr. Sungaila is a registered clinical psychologist who has been specializing in neuropsychology since 1991. Neuropsychology is a branch of psychology that applies our knowledge of neuroscience to psychological functioning by researching brain systems to help understand memory, attention, language and emotions. The clinical end of neuropsychology is assessing and treating patients with neurological illnesses and injuries.

In his practice Paul sees people who have experienced brain injuries from motor vehicle accidents, sports concussions, strokes, and tumors, as well as people with chronic conditions such as cognitive and learning disabilities, and attention deficit disorders. His practice is restricted to adults age 18 and over with a particular focus in working with elders and diseases of aging, particularly dementias such as Alzheimer’s.

He provides assessments and therapies at the request of individual patients, doctors, and lawyers, and agencies such as ICBC and WorkSafe BC. These assessments can help determine diagnosis, whether a person has late-life depression vs. early Alzheimer’s dementia. Assessments are also used to determine a person’s readiness to return to work after brain injury, to establish extent of injury, competency, or handicap for medicolegal purposes. Therapy can help with rehabilitation following injury, life planning, and coping with illness and stress.

Dr. Sungaila also consults for the Psychiatry Departments at St. Paul’s, Mt. St. Joseph, and Lion’s Gate Hospitals, and BC Northern Health Authority, and serves as clinical supervisor in the Department of Psychology at SFU. He has published scientific works on frontal lobe dementia and on psychotherapy with the elderly, and is currently involved in research on aging and memory.