Robin Willis, MA, MCP, AT, RCC

Art Therapist and Registered Clinical Counsellor
Individual, Child & Family Therapist
Robin Willis

Robin is inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit. She believes that within all of us lives an innate drive, not only to overcome hardships but to grow and ultimately thrive as a result of these challenges.

Robin works with adults, children, and youth. Her counselling style is attentive, grounded and at times, humorous. She exudes warmth and compassion and nurtures meaningful, trusting and genuine relationships with her clients. Listening, empathy, respect and non-judgment are at the heart of her practice. Robin supports her clients in identifying personal strengths, considering new possibilities for their lives, and developing practical skills that help them define and live the life they want for themselves.

Robin is currently completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She holds a masters degree in counselling psychology and art therapy. Before beginning her journey as a therapist, Robin worked for over a decade as an actor and singer in New York City and Toronto, performing in many of North America’s most well-known theatres. Along the way, she trained extensively in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices, as well as obtaining her professional registration as a holistic nutritionist. 

Robin uses an integrative approach that draws on her knowledge of counselling, mindfulness, expressive arts and evidence-based therapies. She supports her clients in navigating a wide range of issues and challenges including anxiety, depression, life-transitions, self-esteem, body-image and weight loss. A former Ironman athlete and self-described over-achiever, Robin has a special interest in perfectionism, work-life balance and over-striving, supporting individuals in cultivating self-compassion, self-acceptance, balance and authentic purpose in their daily lives. Grounded in attachment and client-centered theory, Robin draws on modalities such as narrative therapy, expressive art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and emotionally focussed therapy.