Fees & Coverage

Fees for a 50 minute session for most of our therapists are as follows:

$125-$175 plus tax*Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)
$175-$200Registered Psychologist (RPysch)
$175Collaborative Law Session (plus tax* if conducted by an RCC)
$250Parent Coordinator Session (plus tax* if conducted by an RCC)
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*As of April 1, HST will be replaced with 5% GST only (on services by RCCs only).

NOTE: Some therapists’ rates are higher based on their specialized service, experience and demand for their services. Please check with the Front Desk staff prior to your first session to determine the rate for the service you have booked.

For services provided outside of office sessions, such as phone consults, conferences with other professionals, and report writing, the above hourly rates may vary and will be charged for each 15 minute interval.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash and Cheque.

Fees are collected prior to each appointment. Most clients prefer to authorize us to process their credit card automatically.

We provide receipts with all pertinent information including name, date, length of session, rate, total, and the registration number of the counsellor or therapist who conducted the session.


Fees for sessions with counsellors and psychologists are not covered by provincial health programs (e.g. MSP), as they are not considered medical services within these programs.

Check with your extended health provider as you may be covered for a portion of your counselling fees. Every plan is different so it is worth checking the fine print. Research both the type of provider (e.g. Registered Clinical Counsellor) and the amount your provider will cover, before you begin counselling. We will provide receipts for fees you pay to us which you can then submit to your provider for reimbursement.

Some fees may also qualify as medical expenses on your personal income tax. Consult with your tax service to learn more.