Individual Counselling

There are many inherent benefits to individual counselling. The path to MORE starts within each individual, and our Associates are committed to exploring how you can get MORE out of your life. The benefits of counselling include addressing those aspects of your life that you feel are limiting you from reaching your full potential. Many find true lasting value in individual counselling through attaining personal growth, enhancing communication skills and increasing problem solving capabilities. The more you are able to understand yourself and gain a sense of balance, the more you will be able to address the challenges of life and embrace the joys that life brings.

Individual counselling benefits can also be achieved when dealing with challenges such as depression, grief and loss, anxiety, stress, fears, phobias, self-esteem or sexual abuse. The first step on the journey to wellbeing typically involves your therapist getting an understanding of who you are and your unique situation. The therapist works with you to construct a personalized treatment plan. You are then supported in overcoming the issues you face and guided towards a state of emotional well-being.

Individual Therapists