Alyson Jones, MA RCC

President, Clinical Director, Child & Family Therapist, Divorce Specialist

Alyson is the Clinical Director and the visionary at Alyson Jones & Associates. She enthusiastically leads one of the largest counselling centers in the province of British Columbia and approaches her work with passion and commitment. She enjoys contribution, connection and community. Her work as clinical director, counsellor, public speaker, parent educator, teacher and author enables her to touch the lives of many.


Alyson has developed her MORE philosophy through many years of practice and practical living. She is a highly respected Child and Family Therapist who has been featured in the media sharing her extensive knowledge. Alyson is a public speaker, Facilitator and Strategic Coach who does presentations and workshops for both the public and professional audiences. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the Adler School of Professional Psychology where she teaches graduate students in psychology.

Alyson is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who is passionate about families and children. Through her work as a Parent Coordinator, Mediator, Collaborative Law Divorce Coach and Child Specialist Alyson advocates for the best interests of the children and encourages parents to do divorce better. She assists in conflict management and working towards a healthy resolution for the entire family. She developed and oversees the innovative Family Forward Reunification Program which guides families through the navigation of highly complex issues.

Alyson works with leadership in many arenas, and is especially committed to assisting parents get back into leadership roles in their children’s lives. Alyson believes that people are immensely creative and guides them to use this strength in their efforts towards growth and transformation. She believes in giving back to the community and looks for opportunities to give MORE whenever possible.

I strongly believe that counselling is not just problem based… but an opportunity for growth. I focus on continuous improvement and finding ways to make counselling a practical and effective experience for our clients.

– Alyson Jones

In The Media

Alyson is a featured speaker on CTV News and other television outlets. Commenting on the current events that affect individuals and families in BC, Alyson uses her unique perspective as a therapist to educate and enlighten.
Huffington Post
Alyson is a featured columnist in the Huffington Post, where she uses the MORE principles and her authentic and enthusiastic personality to weigh in on news and cultural events.
Featured on radio stations like News 1130, CKNW, CITR and others, Alyson is among British Columbia’s most sought after therapists for her opinion on the latest breaking news.
Other Media
Print, television, radio: Alyson’s media reach knows no bounds. For media types that are difficult to categorize, we’ve created this additional category.