Our Philosophy

Our philosophyWhat is the MORE philosophy? The MORE philosophy is a path to a fulfilled life as well as an acronym for Movement, Opportunity, Reality and Exception. Alyson has always felt that it was possible to get MORE out of life, and through counselling we create a great path to MORE. Life has many challenges and brings many gifts, but in the end it is what we make of it that matters.

People often look for MORE in the wrong direction. If we try to fill our lives with more stuff and more distractions we are left feeling unfulfilled and disconnected. The MORE philosophy is not about living life in pursuit of some elusive object of desire to fill up your life. Quite the opposite! The MORE philosophy is about getting a substantial experience out of life. Getting MORE out of your unique and exceptional life is the core of the MORE philosophy.

Life has a flow to it and we learn to work with that flow through paying attention to the honest reality checks, through taking the opportunities that are presented and allowing movement to happen. When we ignore these opportunities or deny the realities we become stuck, and we can waste precious time stuck and spinning. Life is an amazing gift, and this journey is filled with learning opportunities that can lead us towards a truly exceptional experience and an exceptional life. When we are truly present in our lives we feel connected, attentive, responsive and excited at the possibilities.

The MORE Philosophy defined…


Our body, mind and spirit are designed for movement. We feel alive and vital as long as we are moving. A life without movement feels stagnant or pressured. When we feel movement we feel well. The MORE philosophy is about transforming the stuck places, releasing the pressure and getting back into the flow of life. Our therapists are committed to assisting our clients in finding movement through issues and truly getting MORE out of their lives.


Life is filled with opportunity and the MORE philosophy understands that a crisis or challenge can be a great opportunity for growth and change. In fact the challenge can be a gift if the opportunity is embraced. If we resist or ignore these opportunities, things just get more difficult. Our team understands how to assist our clients in utilizing the opportunities that are presented and how to get MORE out of the windows of opportunity in life.


To get MORE out of life you need to live in the real world. True fulfillment only comes through reality. Although visionary and creative thinking are essential, we need to take action in order to truly have an impact. Our contributions and participation always means the most when we are being real and authentic. Our team has expertise in delivering practical “reality checks” that will assist our clients in understanding themselves, reaching their goals and living a full and present life.


The way to MORE is through discovering your individuality and daring to be different and true to yourself. If you know yourself you can know others, and this is the basis of true connection. An exceptional life is not always easy, but it is truly engaging and fulfilling. Our team will guide you in discovering your unique and exceptional life.