What To Expect

To ensure you get MORE out of your counselling experience, we have provided some information to assist you in planning, booking and arriving for your first appointment.

What We Do:

Alyson Jones & Associates provides counselling services to our clients, sometimes referred to as “therapy”. We also have practitioners who conduct psycho-educational assessments, for use in educational interventions, and neuropsychological assessments.

Counselling provides an opportunity for you to explore patterns of behaviour, relationships, feelings and thoughts standing in the way of your desired future. The goal of successful counselling is to achieve insights and awareness, learn new skills and tools, and develop strategies for creating new patterns of behaviour and relationships. Counselling can also be a source of support during crisis or life transitions and helps to reduce the impact of past trauma.

Our approach at Alyson Jones & Associates is research-based and outcome-focused. This means that our work is about helping people resolve their issues and create the changes they want, using proven theories and tested techniques.

Therapist and Client Roles:

Your therapist is a resource to you. He/she can work with you as an individual, with couples, separated parents, children, and families as a whole. People of all ages in all situations can benefit from counselling as we are all capable of creating positive change in our lives in pursuit of our highest values, dreams and relationships.

The prospect of seeking counselling can be disconcerting but we want to reassure you that the experience can be very inspiring and the outcomes life changing. To get the most out of counselling, you may need to be prepared to examine difficult topics and experiences in your life, to experience strong emotions, and engage in challenging work when trying out new behaviours and approaches to creating change. Some therapeutic methods can have impact almost immediately, although some issues may take longer.

Booking Your First Appointment:

When you are ready to take the step of finding a therapist, please call our reception to get assistance selecting the most suitable counsellor or psychologist for you, based on your situation, interests and the therapist’s qualifications and approach. If you have made your own selection based on a referral or the information on our website, you can move ahead and click the “Book Now” button.

Book Now

NOTE: You do not need a referral from a doctor or other professional to see a counsellor or psychologist.

Once a therapist has been chosen, you can book your first appointment by either calling our office or booking online now.

NOTE: When the person attending counselling is a minor, the first appointment should be booked for the parent to see the therapist. Also, both parents/legal guardians will need to sign consents for counselling for the minor before the minor’s first appointment.

Appointment Arrival:

Before seeing the counsellor or psychologist for the first time, you will complete some simple forms which ask for your contact information and acceptance of our administrative policies. You may download these forms and complete them in advance or you can arrive 10 minutes early to your first appointment..

We will ask for payment before your session so we can provide a receipt to you while you wait for your therapist to collect you.

Our Front Desk staff will be happy to offer you a hot drink or water in the reception area. We also have private bathroom facilities for our clients to access.

Once your therapist is ready to begin your session, he or she will collect you from the waiting area and show you to one of our comfortable and quiet rooms. The session will be approximately 50 minutes long.

In this first session, you can provide any details about your situation and why you have chosen to attend counselling. Confidentiality and consent to counselling will be discussed with you in order to ensure you understand the counselling process and boundaries. Your therapist will work with you to assess where to begin and how often you should attend sessions.

Afterwards, you can rebook your next session at either of our administrators’ desks or book online once you have had the chance to check your schedule.

If you have any questions about beginning counselling, please call us and our Front Desk staff will be happy to assist you.