Your Weather Headache is Real (and 6 Other Headaches Women Experience Most) from

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The winter struggle is real — and if it feels like your headaches have kicked into high gear just in time for the holidays, you’re not alone. Weather-related headaches are more common than you might think, with migraines affecting women three times more often than men. The good news? There are ways to be proactive in preventing future headaches — and in cases where there’s no stopping it, you do have some options for managing the symptoms.

I’m Dealing with a Covid Christmas

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Family Christmas

The holidays can be a hard time for people even at the best of times, but during COVID-19 and with the increased restrictions and social distancing this holiday season is bringing an increased sense of loneliness and loss for many.

Here are some ways to cope, and even to thrive, during this unique 2020 holiday season.