Jorge Gonzalez, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who believes that everyone’s life is a journey, and that rarely does this journey go according to a master plan. Along the way all of us will encounter unexpected twists and turns; life’s own challenges that will test our resolve and our ability to problem solve and adapt. Using well-directed encouragement, in addition to a variety of effective clinical intervention techniques, Jorge helps clients increase their awareness, see new possibilities and gain the confidence to transform what often appear as challenges into opportunities for growth. Jorge has specific training in couples, family and play therapy and experience treating anxiety, depression, divorce issues, trauma, attachment disruptions and self-esteem.

Jorge specializes in child and family therapy and is a part of the divorce and separation team at Alyson Jones & Associates. Jorge is highly committed to excellent service and feels honoured to be of assistance to his clients. To witness human resilience and the ability to adapt to new circumstances is rewarding for both the therapist and client. Jorge adds that this is especially true when working with children, and believes that when properly supported children can heal from challenges and move on to live healthy and successful lives. Jorge approaches his work with families and children as an ongoing privilege.

Jorge has years of experience working with children and youth, and as a result of this background in parent education and child therapy, has become increasingly involved in assisting and challenging parents and other adults in a child’s life to re-examine their role, behaviour and responses to conflict and see how they can adjust them to positively contribute to a child’s well- being.

Jorge worked for many years as a strategic planner in advertising agencies in South and North America. This unusual background has provided him with a unique perspective when it comes to thinking creatively to resolve conflict and discover solutions. Each member comes with their own different sets of talents and abilities, stubbornness and triggers, hopes and resentments. Jorge firmly believes that a key role of the therapist is to challenge clients to see their contributions to conflict and general “stuckness”, as well as point out their unique strengths, and in doing so encourage them to work towards positive resolutions.