Parent Education

At Alyson Jones & Associates, we see parents as leaders for their children and support parents in developing the practical tools that will assist both themselves and their children with getting MORE out of life. At times parenting can feel like sailing a ship without any navigational instruments. The high expectations and stresses may lead to a sense of isolation and frustration. By offering individual parent education sessions, as well as study groups, with a therapist in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, parenting issues can be explored and suggestions provided to regain the joy of raising a child.

Our specialized Parent Education team can assist you in getting back in the lead as a parent, and engage you to guide your children with building MORE skills and confidence. Some of the parenting skills we can assist you with include setting limits with children, dealing with behavioural issues, enhancing communication skills and developing responsibility through natural and logical consequences. Our specific focus is to enhance the attachment and connection between children and parents. We believe that parenting is a process you learn as you go, and we further believe that parents can always benefit from learning more about their roles and how to assist their children.

Parenting is truly the most important job we will ever do, and with the MORE philosophy we can assist both parents and children in creating exceptional family experiences.

Parent Educators