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Meet Caroline Dunne

Meet Caroline Dunne!  Caroline is an indivudal, child and family counsellor who we are very excited to have on our team.  

At the core of Caroline’s practice is the importance of establishing strong connections and fostering an environment of empathy, compassion, and acceptance. She recognizes that these factors are crucial in supporting both growth and development. In her therapeutic work, she prioritizes building a collaborative approach and developing strong relationships with clients of all ages. By creating an environment of trust, Caroline aims to facilitate positive transformation for her clients and empower them to enact meaningful change.

Caroline’s professional journey has revolved around her unwavering commitment to assisting children, youth, and families. Caroline offers practical guidance to clients of all ages in navigating and overcoming challenges. She has a background in applied behavioural analysis and learning support management for children in educational settings. Caroline has gained valuable insights into the unique and individual needs of children and youth. In her approach to counselling, she works closely with the family system while providing support to parents as they navigate the challenges of parenthood. Caroline is a dedicated professional who utilizes her experience working with special needs and diverse mental health conditions to provide tailored and effective treatment approaches.

Caroline is a compassionate counsellor and possesses a profound ability to resonate with her clients and truly comprehend who they are, while also assisting them with practical solutions to overcome hardships. Having experienced frequent relocations as a child, Caroline deeply appreciates the influence of environmental stressors that can potentially intensify symptoms in clients. Rooted in her desire to create a secure haven, she is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere in which clients of all ages can freely voice their vulnerabilities. With an exceptional aptitude for creativity, Caroline readily adapts to her client needs and seeks to tailor unique solutions. She firmly embraces optimism, serving as a positive role model and fostering resilience during challenging times of change and adversity. Caroline’s unwavering devotion towards nurturing the well-being of her clients ensures that her clients receive the highest level of support.

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What is an Ambivert? Alyson Reveals Signs That You are One

Are you often energized by social gatherings, but then unexpectedly mentally depleted other times? Then you just might be an ambivert. According to Science of People, an ambivert is defined as: “someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion, and can flip into either depending on their mood, context, and goals.”

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Money, Stress and Relationships

How much stress does money create in a relationship?

It’s no secret that money problems can be a huge source of relationship strife — surveys indicate that at least half of disagreements with couples are caused by financial concerns and money is one of the main sources of stress in a relationship. Money stress can seep into many parts of your life.

Money doesn’t buy happiness or love, but it can create security and a foundation for achieving goals.

Depending on how the couple communicates people may build a successful relationship or fail miserably. Money may not be everyone’s priority, but by the end of the day, it will be a factor in your primary relationship.

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Entrepreneurs and COVID-19

Check out Alyson Jones’ interview with Olio By Marylin where she discusses the impact of COVID-19 on entrepreneurs and how her business has adapted to the new normal of social distancing.

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Entrepreneurs and COVID-19