Divorce & Separation

Every family has its own special story and environment, and will therefore transition through a separation in a way that is unique to that family. To help couples, children and families through this life transition, Alyson Jones & Associates offers a host of different counselling techniques, therapies and services to help every member of a family work through the separation.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a non-adversarial process that utilizes a wide spectrum of resources in an effective manner. It is a progressive process in which everyone involved agrees to collaborate on a solution without going to court. By bringing together lawyers, financial specialists and mental health professionals to help guide a family through this process, we can create solutions that address the values and goals of both parties. If children are involved, divorce coaches can guide the adults while a child specialist can act as an advocate for any children involved. Using this approach can minimize the psychological and financial damage often associated with divorce.

Co-Parenting Counselling

Co-parenting counselling is a process where a qualified professional uses a combination of education, mediation and counselling to minimize the amount of conflict a family experiences during a separation. The objective of co-parenting counselling is to help the whole family move through the separation process with as little conflict as possible. We do this by managing conflict and finding resolutions quickly and setting up a process that minimizes stress to the children. Our services can assist parents in developing a co-parenting plan and parenting time access schedule that addresses the developmental needs of their children.


In instances of separation where both parties are committed to finding a healthy resolution, mediation’s flexibility is often the best option. Our mediation process offers an accommodating way for each party to come to a successful resolution of the issues regarding the children at hand. With the help of a neutral third party to direct these efforts, mediation is a simple, easy, time efficient, cost-effective, and expedient way to resolve conflict and assist parents in forming agreements pertaining to their children.

Child & Adolescent Separation Counselling

The process of going through a separation is very different for children and adolescents. Counselling can help them separate from conflict, regain self-control and re-establish a sense of security. It can also help them adapt to change and assist them in continuing to mature and flourish. By using a variety of counselling and therapeutic techniques, a counsellor can assess what a child is feeling, and then develop appropriate techniques to help them through this difficult transition in their lives.

Divorce & Separation Therapists