Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression are two of the most common challenges people are facing in relation to health and well-being. Anxiety is a natural response and is part of our physiological wiring. We all have a built in fight or flight mechanism that puts the body on alert when faced with a sudden challenge or perceived danger. The brain is wired to quickly decide whether to stay and handle the challenge or run for protection.

Most people experience anxiety as an emotion triggered by the anticipation of danger. This anticipation is accompanied by physiological responses known as arousal, and high levels of arousal can leave an individual feeling tense, nervous and restless. Mild anxiety can actually help a person problem solve and guide positive decision making, but an overwhelming feeling of anxiety can be debilitating.

Sadness and depression are something that all people have felt at one time or another. It is natural to have these emotions, but when our brain chemistry becomes unbalanced it can impair our brain’s ability to communicate with itself. Neurotransmitters help the brain cells communicate but when clinical depression occurs, feelings of sadness, fatigue, and hopelessness can take over. This can lead to a state of mind where negative feelings and thoughts take over and the spark within is diminished.

At Alyson Jones & Associates our therapists have extensive experience with these issues and they are able to use a wide variety of interventions and innovative techniques to assist our clients in regaining their spark and balance.

Anxiety & Depression Therapists