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Honest Conversations: A Blog About Experiencing MORE in your Life

Posted by Alyson Jones.

What is an honest conversation? Why is this blog called “Honest Conversations? It is my belief that it is time for us all to start having honest conversations again and I will be doing that through our blog posts. Although there is a lot of talk in the information age, we seldom find that any of it has any real substance. Somewhere along the way we have lost sight of the art of true conversation. We are so busy protecting ourselves, and not wanting to upset anyone, that we say a lot of things that just don’t mean anything. It might be a polite conversation, but we can barely remember it 5 minutes later. An honest conversation always has a risk in it, but it also has substance. This is the real ‘7 grain whole wheat’ conversation, not the white bread highly processed conversation. It is my belief that honest conversations are actually good for us, that they have substance and nutrition and they take a lot more effort to digest.