The More Stuff We Have, The Less Joy We Feel

Posted by Alyson Jones.

As a therapist I often see people searching for fulfillment and meaning in their lives. Many people come into my office trying to figure out why they have so many beautiful things in their lives, but are unable to enjoy life. They often seek therapy because they are feeling unsettled and unhappy. This seems to not just be an individual struggle, but a societal struggle as well. It appears that as a society we have an abundance — but we are struggling with high levels of depression and left feeling unsatisfied despite all of the beautiful stuff we surround ourselves with .

We might not have the concrete struggles that previous generations experienced, but we certainly do have our own struggles; in essence, they are of a different kind. When I look around I see so many people trying to fill their lives with more stuff, more people, more rewards, and more indulgences. But there is something to this culture that seems unable to fill itself up.

The 4 Steps To Exceptional Living

Posted by Alyson Jones.

Imagine a young girl around eight years old walking along a country road, kicking the dirt on the gravel road and thinking about life and all the wonderful adventures that await her. She is enjoying the moment with the hot summer sun beating down on her, but also understanding that there is more out there. Then imagine this same girl five years later navigating the complex halls of high school, weaving her way through a time of change.

Fear, excitement and insecurity are all wrapped up in this very intense period of her life. This teen then becomes a young woman facing her fears and heading off to university to test her knowledge and open her world. Upon graduation she leaves the familiar comforts behind, heads off to the big city where love, marriage, children and professional growth follow through the years.

3 Habits To Break And 3 Habits To Make This Year

Posted by Alyson Jones.
3 Habits New Year

The beginning of a New Year is a good time to evaluate what we want more of in our life, as well as what we want less of. If we take a close look at our lives we will begin to see patterns of behaviours — in essence habits — that shape us. Some of these habits are helping us achieve our goals, while others may actually be taking us further away from the life we want.

Habits are habituated behaviours which are acquired by frequent repetition — these “habits” then become a regular part of our functioning. These practices can slip into our lives without us even noticing as they feel so natural. It can be very difficult to give up or break a habit. We often hear people talking about wanting to break a bad habit, but we shouldn’t forget that habits aren’t always bad for us.

Becoming A Better Parent

Posted by Alyson Jones.

Recently I had been doing a lot of traveling for work and was craving some time at home with my husband and children. I am a Child and Family Therapist, a professional Parent Educator, and a mother of 17 year-old twins. My children are in Grade 12, have jobs, and recently acquired their driver’s licenses.

I am proud of my children as I believe they are becoming good citizens of this world — this has been one of my primary goals of parenting. I guess one could say that my professional background makes me well qualified for this parenting job, but I must admit that I have had my fair share of humbling moments when it comes to parenting.

20 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Alyson Jones.

Many of us finish the year with indulgences and celebration, and then start the New Year with the best of intentions and sincere resolutions to do things better. Unfortunately these good intentions often end up in frustration and disappointment. Sometimes we find ourselves moving further away from our goals in the New Year rather than accomplishing our resolutions. So how do we take those good intentions and create a plan that will move our vision to reality? How do we avoid the discouragement of failed expectations that lead to avoidance and, even worse, the self-loathing that comes with the failure to achieve the lifestyle changes we want?